"International activities
for young adults"


StepEurope ry is celebrating Finland 100 years
1st of December at Uudenmaankatu 3
Vegetarian Restaurant Keidas.
Celebration starts at 4.30pm
We begin the party with a toast,
then eat and have a lovely evening with good music,
poetries and friends.
After that we are going to some bar to continue the celebration.

Update: You can’t sing up anymore!

The idea is to get together, relax, play games and meet new people. At the same time we discuss about our organization’s activities. The aim is just to be together, propably drink a cup of coffee and have good time!

At the workshop we make Christmas cards, decorates for “Finland 100 years” celebration and listen to christmas music while eating ginger biscuits and drinking glögi.

StepEurope is participating in Restaurant Day on the 18th November. A variety of ethnic foods and desserts will be served from StepEurope’s Kitchen at Vimma Cafe, Aurakatu 16. Music performance of traditional Arabic and international music from a special guest will be held at the event venue.

Restaurant is open for everyone! Come and join us for ethnic delights and good international company!!!

A workshop in which we will define media and how it operates in the West and the Middle East. How it has been affecting people’s life, and how it has interfered in shaping people’s options. The mechanism in which media can be achieved. We will also have a glimpse on writing as a profession. We will review the most influential toolbox that any writer may need.

StepEurope ry is organizing a seminar in cooperation with We see you and Åbo Akademi volunteers at the Siirtolaisuusinstituutti – Migration Institute of Finland. The seminar is about young people facing direct and personal attacks in public and social media in the shape of offensive comments and threats because of gender, origin, sexual orientation, opinion on migration issues or political ties.

The seminar will bring voices of young people who have had to tackle these problems to the stage to identify strategies and resist these negative perceptions and attitudes also to give tools for effective inclusion of young migrants focusing on how to create inclusive societies in Europe.

Event is open for everyone!

#behindlabels #stepeuroper #weseeyou

The idea is to get together our volunteers in informal manner and play entertaining games at the bar and get to know each other to discuss any ideas our volunteers would like to talk about.

Poetry walk is an idea which came from our volunteer Ahmed and supported by the other volunteers too. Participants will be walking through the city as a group, observing nature and the surrounding city life along the way. Every participant’s experience and imagination of the outside environment varies tremendously. Through poetry participants will finally express their observations in their own words. It does not necessarily have to follow the rules of proper literature neither have prior experience in writing poem. Those expressions or poem will be collected in one platform where it will be published either in a newspaper or social medias anonymously.

Biking, grilling and outdoor games. The island of Ruissalo is known by the rich and versatile nature and culture history. Now you have a brilliant possibility to explore the area by biking with a good company 🙂

We start to bike together from the main library of Turku to Ruissalo. From the main library is possible to rent a few bikes for free, if you have the library card. You may participate even if you don’t have your own bike.

Attention! The event will be during the week 33. We will inform the exact time a bit later (the weather affect to the event). Please sign up for the event at least day before, so we know the amount of the food. Thank you!

StepEurope ry is organizing Summer Picnic. The event is open for everyone and free of charge. Join us enjoy the Finnish summer, good company, mölkky and some small snacks.

You may come anytime you want and stay as long you want to.

Attention! The Picnic will be cancelled if it rains.

Superball tournament / outdoor games 8.6 at 2-5 PM in Kupittaa the field next to the Hesburger.
Superball tournament is a playful football tournament (we have special ball for the tournament). Beside that we have other outdoor games, surprise and some snacks. The event is open for everyone!

The event is arranged in cooperation with Ehjä ry. Please sign up by adding yourself to the participants list on the Facebook event.

StepEurope ry is organizing a gardening project for the summer 2017. Sustainability is really important subject in today’s World where our generation is facing big challanges like global warming and climate change. This project aims to provide basic knowledge about gardening, tools to live a more sustainable life as an individual and be more aware of the environment.

The project will begin on 24th of May. The group will be meeting regularly during the project period. The meetings are including hands on work in the garden, workshops and interesting speeches and documentaries about sustainability.

The project will end by organizing a food party, where we will use the harvest from our garden and enjoy each others company.

The project will be implemented in a beautiful place Elävän Kulttuurin Koroinen. Check out their website: http://www.koroinen.info/en you can find them also from Facebook!

If this sounds interesting to you, please sign up for the project at latest by Monday 22nd of May. The sign up is mandatory!

For sign up and more information: sudhir.karki@stepeurope.org

The project is sponsored by Turku City.

Sounds interesting?

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to get informed about the international possibilities.

This event is organized on European Day as a part of European Youth Week 2017! The event gives information about international mobility around Europe for young people through volunteering, youth exchange and trainings. Young people will share their experiences and thoughts about international training, exchange and European Volunteer Service opportunities in a panel conversation.

Come and join us to experience something unforgettable! The event is open for everyone. Please sign up for the event from the link in below:

We are serving coffee and bread/cookies!

Sponsored by Opetushallitus

The City Carnival is soon here!

The City Carnival would like to invite people from all ages in Turku to join various activities and happenings during the second week of May. The event includes many local actors and organizations. Everyone is warmly welcome to join the program during the week, which is mainly free of charge.

StepEurope ry and TEDxTurku are organizing a banner workshop on Saturday 6th of May at Yrjänä, Itäinen Pitkäkatu 49. During the Opening Day of the City Carnival the parade is walking around Turku centre. We are making the banners for the parade and the theme of the banners is “My Turku”!

The workshop is open for everyone! The City Carnival is providing the materials for the banners! Welcome to get inspired of Turku!

Come to celebrate the Europen Youth Week!

International movement and flexible mobility are part of nowadays world. Young people have now more opportunity than ever to get involved around Europe and the world. Join us to our event to get some information about the possibilities to be active internationally.

StepEurope ry and Finnish Red Cross are organizing an interesting exericse session based on the theme “youth, active citizenship, solidarity and internationality”, at the youth house Huudi. You may get acquainted with interesting theme and have good time with your friends and new buddies.

The event is open for everyone.

We are offering some snacks.

Come to celebrate the diversity of the cultures!
We are having some snacks, music and poems.

Everyone is warmly welcome.

Our local activities are very infancy. You have a brilliant opportunity to affect, which kind of activities we are starting in Turku region. We want our activities to present our volunteers. So now you have a great chance to come to plan the activities with us! We are offering evening snack and tee/coffee.
ATTENTION! Event is open for everyone. If you want to come to our planning event please fill the form at the latest 6.3.2017 at 9PM. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdamoIIw8Aesn8gV1RqtdxqrO96n-G1OuccAgKoyXDn7ErAhg/viewform?c=0&w=1

Let’s make the StepEurope own kind!

StepEurope organizes a info evening for youth and people interested in program for youth. Come to hear more about and plan upcoming events and youth exchanges. The info evening is open for everyone between 17 and 30 years and showing up doesn´t commit to anything. We offer coffe and buns. Volunteering might give you new experiences and a lot of new friends, so show up bravely. See you!