Fill in the gap: 30 years of Erasmus (I and II)

Name of the Training: Fill in the gap- 30 years of Erasmus (I and II)

Where: Rentería (Gipuzkoa), Spain

When: 29.06.2017-06.07.2017

For Whom:  People related to both formal and non-formal education 

Application Deadline: 15th May 2017


The seminar “Fill in the gap: 30 years of Erasmus” aims to create a forum to evaluate, discuss and exchange the impact of the non-formal education in the development of individuals and thus European societies, nowadays. Taking into account the relevance of the “lifelong learning” in the personal and professional life of each of us, we want to explore the potential and the impact of non-formal education both in educational institutions and in companies. In this regard, we believe Erasmus, which happens to turn 30 this year, to be the perfect bridge between the realms of formal and non-formal education. Having been conceived as an exchange program within the European university network, its impact in both the personal and professional life of the participants has widely transcended the confines of any classroom. Thus, our objectives for this seminar can be described as followed:

  • To reflect upon the impact of the Erasmus experience on the lives of each participant.

  • To exchange and raise awareness about the abilities, skills and resources acquired through non-formal education.

  • To analyze the intersections of non-formal spaces with those of formal education and the labor market in order to figure out possible alliances towards effective lifelong learning.

  • To celebrate the contribution of this programme to the foundation of a social, plural and united Europe.

Who Can apply: If you have real interest in the topic, good english language skills and are over 18 years

Participation, Accommodation and Travel: Participation, accomodation and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are all provided free of charge. the maximum amount for the travel is 275 euro.

If this sounds like a good opportunity  to learn about one of the challenging issues of our time in a multicultural environment, Send us an email telling about yourself and why you want to participate in this traing. Our email address is

Gardening Project

StepEurope ry is organizing a gardening project for the summer 2017. Sustainability is really important subject in today’s World where our generation is facing big challanges like global warming and climate change. This project aims to provide basic knowledge about gardening, tools to live a more sustainable life as an individual and be more aware of the environment.

The project will begin on 24th of May. The group will be meeting regularly during the project period. The meetings are including hands on work in the garden, workshops and interesting speeches and documentaries about sustainability.

The project will end by organizing a food party, where we will use the harvest from our garden and enjoy each others company.

The project will be implemented in a beautiful place Elävän Kulttuurin Koroinen. Check out their website: you can find them also from Facebook!

If this sounds interesting to you, please sign up for the project at latest by Monday 22nd of May. The sign up is mandatory!

For sign up and more information:

The project is sponsored by Turku City.