Finland’s Bright Future for Sustainable Development

Finland’s Bright Future for Sustainable Development

Finland has been promoting sustainable development for many years. As Finland is reaching 100 years, The National Commission on Sustainable Development headed by Prime Minister Juha Sipilä wants to provide a special gift to Finland- a more sustainable future. To achieve this the commission introduced the Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, laying down the shared goals and the framework for sustainable development across Finland.

Finnish people are actively working to promote sustainable development to provide for a better future. In October the University of Turku together with the Student Union hosted Sustainable Development Week. They had a wide range of activities to promote and enhance thinking on sustainable development in the country. There was an insect evening, providing info on how to solve worlds hunger problems with a session focusing on how Insect and Cricket Farms can be used as a good source of food in the future. Otto Selenius, an insect specialist, presented on the topic and even offered an opportunity to try cooking and eating crickets at the venue. In addition, there was a documentary film shown called Little Yellow Boots, Inequality Coffee, a flea market & program about sustainable consuming. This event really spread awareness to students and all participants on how to really implement sustainable development in daily life.

StepEurope ry also got in on the cause and movement. This summer StepEurope ry organized a Gardening Project. The organization believes that sustainability is an essential subject in today’s World, where our generation is facing big challenges like global warming and climate change. The Gardening Project aimed to provide basic knowledge about gardening, tools to live a more sustainable life as an individual and be more aware of the environment. They had organized to plant crops in Elävän Kulttuurin Koroinen to promote sustainable living in their region. The team provided an enriching program including hands-on work in the garden, workshops and interesting speeches and documentaries about sustainability. Of course, at the end of the summer, all participants and their families were invited to a huge party where all the harvest from the garden was used to prepare a meal and bond again over their hard work!

In Finland, not only students and organizations are players in the sustainable development movement many companies and individuals such as Finnair, Neste, Ilmi Salminen- UN Youth Delegate of Finland, Anne Nuorgam representing the Sámi Council and many more are actively participating! Finland’s participation is truly inspiring and a model to strive for in implementation of sustainable development in the future. StepEurope is excited about the future and is confident that sustainable development will take off and keep thriving in Finland.