Great memories a month before – End of the Season Party 2018

Great memories a month before – End of the Season Party 2018

In the beginning of July  about 20 young adults from 11 nationalities gathered together to enjoy the Finnish summer in the middle of the forest of Kaarina. The Vuolahti camping was/is a perfect place for having a bigger group of people: five small cottages besides the main cottage and bigger one nearby the sea are providing sleeping possibility at least for 30 people. The venue is beautiful and just next to the sea with sauna <3

Evening started with get to know each other games: name and country, pillow competition and bingo. About half of the participants were new faces. I was so glad to see that how fast everyone took each other to the group. We were one right away!  

“I couldn’t imagine that it would have been so easy to join this lovely group of people as a new comer. I will definitely recommend your actions to my friends!” – One of the best feedbacks you can get !!!

The quiz about StepEurope ry was a real competition. Elias was leading the first rounds – I guess he was really confident of his victory 😀 But in the end everything turned upside down because of a small mistake of him and Ianthe was the WINNER. Next we wanted to find out the participants strengths (heart), wishes (hands) and ideas for future (foot). This interactive workshop was organized by our student intern. So many good ideas came up, which we will definitely take into account in the future!

After the “official” part we had tasty food, thanks to our own chef, Eddy. He made rice, chicken with tomato sauce, vegetables, salad and veg beefs. We had a long long table full of talking, laughs and in the end full tummies of delicious food. After eating was time to have some “serious” group games: search for goods in the forest, a logic game “what is the biggest number you can have by moving two sticks once”, a speed game “who fills the platter fastest”, accuracy test and quiz about countries. The winners, the selfie team, got backpacks with chocolate, stickers and some other small-goods.

In the evening we enjoyed music from all around the world, sauna and talks about life.

Participants were really happy next morning, while having breakfast. They were laughing about the funny coincidences from day before. After this nice experience I started my summer holidays with a big smile on my face! Thank you all <3

Now, with the new energy, we are planning and preparing the autumn season 2018! We have already some dates and plans set up. You may find those from our monthly letter (you may order the letter to your email from here scroll down).

Welcome to all the events! Everything is free of charge and open for everyone! 🙂


Ronja – Project coordinator

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