Mahdollisuuksien tori – the Opportunities market

StepEurope ry has participated one important event for promoting, networking and advertising the organization – Mahdollisuuksien tori. It is a nation wide event a round twenty locations in Finland yearly. Sondip ry, an umbrella organization, which stood for promoting internationalism and multiculturalism, has successfully organized the event on Sunday 17th in Turku.

Although the event was set to happen between 12 -16 at the old market square, few of our volunteers had to arrive at 10:30 in the morning to arrange our corner, the table and tent. Most importantly, as an out side event we were lucky enough to have a shining and warm weather through out the day to attract more visitors.

Variety of organizations participated the event whose working areas vary from cultural, social, sport, art, youth work, environmental and humanitarian works. These organizations include among others, Finnish Red Cross, UNICEF, Amnesty International, and Greenpeace. All organizations presented their activities in different manners they deem attract visitors and at the same time deliver their message and recruit potential members and volunteers. Mostly it was in the form of quizzes, fun games, drawings, competitions, and discussions. Overall, the program was entertaining as well with interviews, music and dances from the main stage.

In our part we prepared fun game to attract visitors and become more visible to recruit potential young volunteers. In a way we tried to show case what we have done so far and will do in the upcoming events. We have actually encountered really interesting like-minded young people from the event and exchange ideas what they think about volunteer works and impact positively in the society locally and international as well. We also took some visitor’s contact so that we could reach out to them on our activities and if they wish become our members too.

In the afternoon around 14.00, Sudhir, StepEurope ry’s active volunteer and media coordinator, took the stage and had an interview with the presenter about his volunteer experience at StepEurope ry. He eventually advertised our organization on what it is about and what we do. 

Overall, it was such an important event as it brought together varies organizations and people from different backgrounds. It was a platform to create networking with other organizations to cooperate in future activities. Personally, the event happened at the wake of my new journey as an intern at StepEurope ry. I am optimistic and exited to be part of such vibrant members and volunteer alike.