New students, welcome to Turku!!!

New students, welcome to Turku!!!

Every year, at the end of August, cities all over Finland witness a steady influx of fresh, eager faces from all over the world ready to begin their academic adventure. Finland has fast become a favourite destination for studies, thanks to its high quality of education. Our own city Turku, also gets its share of new students. Besides excellent universities, Turku has a lot to offer in terms of activities.

For new students, here’s some good-to-know information:

  • The Aura river, that runs in Turku, is a pretty sight to behold. All along the river, you can find various shops, restaurants and pubs. Or, you can simply take a walk to breathe in the beautiful nature around it. Tip: Don’t forget to walk across the award-winning “Kirjastosilta”!

  • If you are someone who loves to experience culture and arts, you can get yourself a Culture card (Kultturi Kortti). It’s free of charge and entitles you to benefits such as free museum tour, ticket discounts to the theatre, and more! For more info:

  • Fleamarkets second-hand shops are a treasure trove of affordable items. Be sure to visit one of them!

  • The city’s transport provider, Föli, offers the popular waterbus or “vesibussi”, that takes you to the scenic island of Ruissalo. There, you can spend time at the beautiful botanical garden, or just relax at the beach.

  • The market square (Kauppatori) in Turku is a hotspot for stalls, exhibitions and the produce market. While you’re there, don’t forget to take a sneak peek at the archaeological excavation!

The old market square also offers its share of exhibitions, shops and stalls. it’s also where the famous Turku Medieval Market is held.

  • Youth Organizations: One of the best ways to meet like-minded people, network, and also be part of cultural, social and volunteer activities. There is StepEurope, an active organization for young people where they can volunteer, or just be part of their many social events. StepEurope often  collaborates with bigger organization, like the Finnish Red Cross

For further information on events, places to visit or just more information on the city and its services, you can check or

Welcome new students, and have a wonderful year ahead!


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