Our missio is to see young people use their full social, physical and intellectual capacity.

StepEurope ry

Our vision is to inspire young people to take a positive step in their lives and play an active role for the creation of a more diverse and tolerant society.

StepEurope ry

Core values

We support open working environment where all up to date information can be accessed.

In all circumstances, we aspire to do what is right and treat others with honesty, respect and dignity.

We want to give the same opportunity to all young people regardless of any distinction based on sex, race, religion, educational background or sexual inclination and other grounds.

We want to set high standard and deliver quality service for the young people and partner organizations.

We believe in cooperation with our volunteers, supporters, funders and partner agencies to help shape the success of our projects.

We work with and for young people to create a better future for themselves.

StepEurope ry’s basic actions are different international trainings, communal projects, workshops and local activities with easy access planned and implemented by our volunteers. We are located to Turku cultural centre Logomo from where we are coordinating and organizing the activities.

StepEurope ry is an international youth organization, which consentrate on 18-29 years-old and worthwhile tought is to activate youht and give them some reasonable thinks to do.The idea of the organization came out on 2014 when four young people from Finland participated to an international training at UK. One of themes at the training was youth organizations and the task was to make one for you country. In the end, when the youths came back to Finland, they wanted to make it come true. StepEurope ry registered to Finnish organization register on 2015. During the last couple of years the organization has collegted cooperation parteners, members and has established the status in Turku and internationally.

Contact Us

Köydenpunojankatu 14, Turku
Logomo Byrä, 3rd Floor