Ecological and Local Food for Thought

StepEurope ry’s partner organization, Integration för alla, is looking for two participants from Finland to take part of Ecological and Local Food for Thought project. The project will take place in Örkelljunga, Sweden on September 13-15, 2017.This project with incorporate the use of local foods which can support local, national and international development while creating inter-cultural meeting environments with food. As a result, this will open up the creativity and cultural awareness of the young people.

What the project is about?

The local-food movement has been gained a lot of attention in developed countries as well as many developing countries. Local foods are claiming many benefits and are motivating health and environment-conscious consumers to seek alternatives to the industrial agriculture system whose products dominate supermarket store shelves. But it raising the question; Do young people know enough about local foods?

The objectives are; – To raise awareness of the benefits of local vs migrated foods. – To increase knowledge of the local, national and international benefits of local foods. – To raise awareness of young people’s carbon footprint and how they can reduce it/be conscious of it. – To create an environment for inter-cultural foods. – To inspire and motivate young people to be creative with food ideas and develop their own recipes. – To increase young people’s active participation and entrepreneurship.

About the practicalities

The participants of the project are coming from six European countries: Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Italy, Hungary and Romania.

The project is funded by the Erasmus + programme, accommodation and food will be covered 100%. The travel tickets will be covered also up to 275€. You need to pay the tickets first and will get the payment back later.

The project is looking for participants who are interested of the topic. And from each sending organization should come 1 youth leader/worker and 1 youth.


More information or +358(0)45 2219008

You can apply to the project by emailing asap, latest 31.8.2017!