"International activities
for young adults"


Welcome to the Little Christmas Party: we gather with music, snacks and great people! You can dress up with your most creative Christmas themed costume, best costume will get a price!! Everyone is welcome, members get in for free and for everyone else 2 euro which you can pay upon arrival.Take your friends with you and see you soon!!

What would be better way to get exited about Christmas than making cards and baking gingerbread’s? We will provide materials, ideas and help to make lovely cards and bake tasty gingerbread’s! Event is free of charge and suitable for everyone! We are gathering at the Luostarinmäki Handcraft Museum, Mestari-room that can be found close to the museum office. See you soon!

Let´s “survive through the Finnish Winter” together with a new exciting event of our project!

Come and have a dance! Brighten up the dark November days with the joy of dancing! Our barefoot boogie will have a lot of space for free dancing!

We’ll start with a guided warming up. With some gentle movement, we will settle in and tune into our bodies, become mindful of our breath and smooth out some stiffness. After that, the music will take us on a journey! We’ll move from calm into more rhythmic tunes, then shake off the week’s stress with some ecstatic, high-energy rhythms! After that, we move to joyful, light vibes that can bring out some playfulness and creativity Slow, meditative moves will complete our dance, where we can integrate and rest.

We will move both in calm and energetic ways! Bring a water bottle and comfortable and loose clothing to move in and some extra layers in case you cool off. Dancing barefoot is recommended but you can choose to wear dance shoes (non-marking soles).

The workshop is FREE OF CHARGE!
ATTENTION! We have only 15 places! Make sure to reserve yours by signing up here. ALL PLACES ARE NOW TAKEN. PLEASE MESSAGE TO BE PLACES ON THE WAITING LIST


We are excited to introduce Vihreä ilo and DIY workshop where you learn how to make bath salts and scrubs from natural ingredients. We will also get tips about what else you can make easily at home! Come and join us and learn more about natural well being and new cosmetic ideas!

Workshop costs 7 euros/ free for StepEurope members
You can become a StepEurope member for only 5 euros before 28.10.2018.

IMPORTANT!!! Signing up is mandatory! There are only 20 places!!!
Sign up through this link:

StepEurope wants to meet new people and gets its group even more mixed and interactive!!!
Are you curious to know what we do? Come to spend a friendly evening with us, for knowing more about OUR ACTIVITIES, new networks, FUN games and PIZZA!!! We will be in the main Library Conference room which is located upstairs of Cafe Sirius.

Coffee, tea and food are provided by StepEurope ry.

Hear about what international opportunities StepEurope & AIESEC can offer for 18-30 year olds. Short trips, volunteering in Europe and beyond & much more opportunities also locally. You can hear experiences from previous participants and ask questions

Tea, coffee and snacks offered by StepEurope ry & AIESEC

4th event of the “How to survive through the Finnish winter” project here we are!!
In our HAPPY EVENING we will welcome the coming dark and cold season gathering together for fun games and activities, crafts that will not fail (never!), coffee with new friends.

The event is free of charge and open to everybody. Coffee, tea and snacks are offered by StepEurope ry.

“How to Survive through the Finnish Winter” Projeki jatkuu tällä kertaa jännittävän workshopin muodossa. C. Mestre Denis Angola tarjoaa meille mahdollisuuden tutustua Capoeiran maailmaan. Capoeira on kampailulajien, tanssin ja rytmin yhdistelmä. Luvassa hyvää energiaa ja liikettä.
Tilan rajallisuuden vuoksi 20 ensimäistä ilmoittautunutta mahtuu mukaan. Joten muista varata paikka etukäteen
tästä linkistä: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Zg5OCwkBIeUZBCkMGqwqV52zXpXovcCt8xTUWZlGGMM
Tapahtuma on ilmainen, tervetuloa mukaan!

Come and meet local and sustainable companies and makers. During the workshop different makers tell about their journey, products and answer your questions. Come and meet Bakery Gryn, Shams Falafel, Vihreä Ilo , StepEurope Gardening Project and more.

You are most welcome to join discussion on sustainable living and shopping in Turku
Free Coffee, tea and Snacks provided by StepEurope ry.

The “How to survive through the Finnish Winter” project has succesfully started and new events are going on for this month!!! September is still time for being outside and enjoying the magic “ruska” (Autumn colour). What a better location than Koroinen for gathering together, playing Finnish games like Mölkky , hearing more about the things happening at the “Elävän Kulttuurin Koroinen” centre and getting to know each other.

The event is free of charge. Coffee, tea and snacks are offered by StepEurope.

Did you already choose your scene for the Movie Day? StepEurope’s “movie theatre” offers free of charge show. The movie was chosen by Stepeuropeans: Phantom Thread. A story of a renowned dressmaker of 1950s post-war London comes across a young, strong-willed woman who becomes soon his muse and lover. WE OFFER SMALL SNACKS. THE DOORS ARE OPEN at 2.30pm!
Check out the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asbg5u5j0YI

The entire Turku area will again become a movie theatre on Saturday, 8 of September 2018! During the movie day, companies and associations of Turku have the chance to arrange their own film showing with Scene. The Movie Day offers the opportunity to the public to participate in several free shows offered by partners in Turku and nearby.

StepEurope ry is organizing a long-term project for the Autumn time to offer a different ways to handle the darkest and coldest time of the year. The project will include activities to get together such as games, mindfulness, yoga, dance and workshops with some visitors. The program is really flexible for new ideas according to the needs and wishes of the group.

ATTENTION First meeting is mandatory!

The entire project is OPEN to everybody and FREE OF CHARGE.

The Poetry Walk will give for any person (also for an amateur) a possibility to get to know better the secrets of writing! The event will be organized, during the Night of the Arts, in the beautiful city of Turku. Writing is helping you to explore the city from a totally new perspective.

p.s Check out the blog post about the Poetry Walk: http://www.stepeurope.org/blog/poetry-walk-2/

Cottage, Food, Drinks, Sauna and so much more!!
End of the Season Party is an event for having fun, getting to know each other and enjoy the Finnish summer.
Sign up here by 1st of July: https://goo.gl/forms/hs37B2fDrHgwkWV23
(After signing up you will receive an email with more information about the practicalities).

We will start the evening with snacks and a short interactive workshop, later we will enjoy food, drinks, sauna and some funny games! We are going to sleep over the night at the cottage (including the breakfast), but you may also participate only the evening activities. We offer for you a brilliant opportunity to spend good time in a really international group of people while enjoying the Finnish summer and cottage culture. Join us with your friends, there is place for the first 30 people!!! Make sure you won’t miss this summer event and sign up and pay rather way!

The participation fee is 15€ (includes transportation, accommodation, food and all the activities). Please pay it right after signing up or latest 1st of July (invoice: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r4UR4n7YCD9kxEboIQKNAwbmyfx16b-V0ZPnU4zd6tk/edit?usp=sharing). NOTE! As a member of StepEurope ry the party is free of charge!! You still have time to become a member by paying the membership fee before 30th of June, more information here: http://www.stepeurope.org/new-get-involved/).

StepEurope ry is looking for a youthful, funky, new design for our promotional materials such as cloth bags! Do you want to put your fingerprints in it? Now is your time to shine!

The design can be a drawing, cool logo, graphic design made with computer, paint or whatever comes to your mind (unfortunately photos are not accepted). Make a design and send it to us as a pdf and jpg file (print version and maximum size 28×36 cm) by 1st of July to info@stepeurope.org. Thank you!

The winner of the competition will get AN AMAZING PRIZE, which VALUE is 200 EUROS!!

Shortly about StepEurope ry:
The main goal is to see young people use their full social, creative and intellectual capacity. We are trying to inspire young people to take a positive step in their lives and play an active role for the creation of a more diverse and tolerant society.

StepEurope ry’s main activities include different international training, communal projects, workshops and local activities planned and implemented together with our volunteers. Our values: transparency, integrity, equality. excellence and partnership. We are not politically or regionally active organization.

Any plan for Midsummer? If not, join us in Ruissalo! We will have a relaxing and cheerful day all together, enjoying sun and beach. You may take with you food and drinks (and chuckle for barbecuing) and we will offer some snacks! Feel free to come over with your family and friends. Our spot will be marked with a balloon, look for it! Welcome!

Programme at the Migration Institute of Finland in Turku/Ohjelma Siirtolaisinstituutilla Turussa:

• Welcome/Tervetuloa – Tuomas Martikainen (Migration Institute of Finland)
• Introduction to the WRD/Johdatus maailman pakolaispäivään – Eveliina Lyytinen (Migration Institute of Finland)
• Experiences of integration during the asylum process/Kotoutumiskokemuksia turvapaikkaprosessin aikana – Ahmad Hosseini & Ali Reza Heidari (We see you)
• What matters for refugees’ integration?/Millä on merkitystä pakolaisten kotoutumisessa? – Pasi Saukkonen (City of Helsinki)
• Panel discussion on the enrichning aspects of integration/Paneelikeskustelu kotoutumisesta rikkautena – Ronja Kankare, Ahmed Zaidan, Bahaulddin Rawi & Abolfazi Ebrahimi (StepEurope ry); chair Johanna Leinonen (Migration Institute of Finland)
• Closing event of the Mosul – story of hope photo exhibition/Mosul – story of hope -valokuvanäyttelyn lopettajaiset

Drinks and snacks provided/Juotavaa ja naposteltavaa tarjolla

Everyone is welcomed to this bilingual event!/Kaikki ovat tervetulleita tähän kaksikieliseen tapahtumaan!


Come to spend with us a nice and relaxing evening at the Bar Ö. We will read the poems from our Poetry Walk and enjoy the live music from different artists. The event is free of charge and open for everyone!

Welcome to Poetry Walk, organized by StepEurope ry! We encourage you to come over and take part in our writing activity. Turku through poetry: how to extract the beauty of Turku through the poetry view. We will start the poetry walk from Turku cathedral towards the river, where more beautiful views are looming in the sight. You don’t need to be a writer, we would like you to try it! We will ask questions and study the small details to help you to turn them into poems. We will flit our glance in the charming perimeter to capture the moment and keep it in papers.

The outcome will be published in StepEurope’s website and the Poetry Night at Bar Ö on 16th of June (all participants will be asked to authorize the publication). You may read there your own poems or let the others read yours anonymously, if you want to. This could be the right time to break the barrier of fear and to continue writing.

Would you like to be a volunteer in a summer festivals and would need some help to apply? StepEurope ry and Finnish Red Cross are organizing a festival application workshop on Thursday 19.4.2018 at Yliopistonkatu 24 A, 6th floor! You will get the help with several languages. Everyone is warmly welcome!

Turku City, Finnish Red Cross and StepEurope ry are organizing a free of charge Multicultural concert on 3rd of May! Welcome to listen acoustic music, Afro drums, jazz choir and Nigerian band at Raatihuone 3rd floor.

StepEurope ry is organizing a gardening project for the summer of 2018. Sustainability is a really important subject in today’s World where our generation is facing big challenges like global warming and climate change. This project aims to provide basic knowledge about gardening, tools to live a more sustainable life and to be more aware of the environment.

The project will begin on 28th of April at Logomo Byrå 1st floor and the group will be meeting regularly during the project period. The meetings include an introduction to the topic, hands on work in the garden and workshops.

As part of the project we will organize a harvest party, where we will cook with the harvest from our garden and enjoy each others company.

The project will be implemented in a beautiful place Elävän Kulttuurin Koroinen. Check out their website: http://www.koroinen.info/en You can follow them on Facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/koroinen/

If this sounds interesting to you, join us by signing up at latest by Thursday 26th of April. Signing up is required and means you want to be a commited participant of the project.

For sign up and more information: sudhir.karki@stepeurope.org

The project is sponsored by Turku City. The meetings will be held in English.

Come and solve LOST IN TURKU- mystery with your friends!

11.4.2018, at 12 -15 p.m. will be arranged LOST IN TURKU- mystery orienteering path in the city center of Turku. The event is open for all the higher education students. Mystery path is approx. 5 km long, and the beginning is located Main Library’s yard. Along the Path, there will be 10 cross points, which are presenting cultural- and everyday life services by the City of Turku as well as associations and organizations in Turku.

From the start area you’ll get a route map and a passport. To the passport you’ll be collecting marks from every crosspoint. Full passport will solve the LOST IN TURKU- mystery and it will be returned to the end zone and each member of the group gets product prizes. Among all the groups who have completed the Mystery Path, will be drawn tickets to Turku Cathedral’s Mystery tour, Concert of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, Finnkino’s movie theater, City museums and sport services.

Sign up for the Mystery Path in groups of 2 to 6 persons and don’t forget that the deadline for registration is 8th April 2018!

Sign up here: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/LOST_IN_TURKU_Mystery_Path_2684

Join us for Easter holiday delights and cultural exchanges from different countries. In Finland Chocolate Egg Hunting is tradition on the Easter time, how is it in your country? let’s share and learn intercultural holidays and more. Besides the idea is to have a cozy atmosphere and chat.
Event is free of charge and open for everyone!

Mitä tiedämme arabikulttuurista? Entä romanikulttuurista?

Tervetuloa kuulemaan ja keskustelemaan!

Alustajina erikoissuunnittelija/ FM Tuula Lindberg, Lounais-Suomen alueellinen romaniasiain neuvottelukunta / Lounais-Suomen AVI sekä asioimistulkki Neriman al-Take, joka toimii myös monikulttuuristen järjestöjen järjestöaktiivina. Tilaisuuden avaa Turun kirjastopalvelujohtaja Rebekka Pilppula.

Yleisökysymyksiin vastaamassa myös koulunkäynninohjaaja Melissa Lindeman ja lapsi-ja perhetyön ohjaajaopiskelija Karita Palm sekä aktiivivapaaehtoinen ja aktivisti Bahaulddin Rawi.

Illan keskustelun juontaa Ianthe De Paepe.


Tilaisuuden järjestävät SPR Varsinais-Suomen piiri, Turun kaupunki ja StepEurope ry


Week against racism – event in the Skanssi shopping centre

The #olenkanssasi #jagärmeddig #imwithyou campaign highlights how everyone can take part in creating an equal and safe community and society that is open to all.

Come and join the campaign in Skanssi! We are looking for volunteers willing to give flowers and balloons to the visitors of Skanssi. You can also talk to people about the themes of racism and prejudices. The event is co-organised with StepEurope ry. Join our visible action against racism!

If you want to join in as a volunteer, please register at: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/week_against_racism_Skanssi

Additional information: Officer for multicultural activities Pauliina Pensikkala, pauliina.pensikkala@redcross.fi (linkki lähettää sähköpostin), tel. 0207 01 2419.

We have booked a time for a guided group visit for the exhibition by a group of young Muslim-based Finns showing art on how to live in a 100-year-old Finland. The exhibition is free of charges.

Newbies evening to welcome newcomers to StepEurope ry, introduce our activities and getting to know each other in a relaxing international atmosphere. We will have small interactive games and share coffee, tea and evening snacks.

StepEurope ry and Vamos Turku are organizing a panel conversation about youth opportunities to go abroad and be international. Come to hear about Erasmus+, StepEurope ry and Vamos and about the international experiences from the youth!

The panelists are young people who has been abroad before in a training, seminar, exchange or as a volunteer worker.

Event is open for everyone, take also your friends with you!!!
Panel conversation is organized in English.
We are going to offer snack, coffee and tea.

Get together, chat, make new friends!
StepEurope ry organize a relaxing get together night on the Friendship Day at Vegetarian Restaurant (Kasvisravintola Keidas). We will play board games, chat and drink some coffee etc. The event is open for everyone, and you don’t need to sign up for it. You may come alone or with a friend.

p.s. The restaurant is open, so you may eat the dinner there if you want to 🙂

Come and join us for this winter adventure with international atmosphere, to socialize, make friends & exchange idea from different backgrounds. We are going to ice swimming and sauna in Ruissalo.

Bring your swimming outfit, towels, bottle of water and warm clothes! We will provide some snacks and hot drinks.
Take CASH 5€ (the entrance).

The event is open for anyone interested.
Sign up from the link below:

Contact Us

Köydenpunojankatu 14, Turku
Logomo Byrå, 3rd Floor