Meet Our Team

StepEurope ry is a volunteer based organization. The active youth volunteers are in charge of planning and implementing the activities with the support from the project coordinator and interns. The board is the decision making body, which is supporting the employee’s and interns’ work. 

Melina Negash




Chair of the board and one of the founders of the organization. Master of social sciences, specialized in social work. Her passion is travelling and exploring new cultures. Melina wants to encourage all young people for active citizenship and to get involved in international youth work.


The vice president, actively involved in since 2015. Community educator, working in the social field. Saila is a talkative and outgoing person who loves nature. In StepEurope she sees, working together with creative people, creating new ideas and bringing people together, the best things!

Saila Holm

Vice President

Tewodros Mekonnen

International Coordinator, Board Member



International activities coordinator and member of the Board, one of the founders of StepEurope ry. MA of International Human Rights Law. He loves working with people from all over the world and encourage them to an active citizenship. In StepEurope ry he is in charge of the international cooperations and funding applications.


Project coordinator and member of the board, has been actively involved since 2017. Ronja is a MA of Education, who has passion towards intercultural actions and exploring cultures. She is the team coordinator and responsible one for the communication and marketing, besides event planning and implementing with the active volunteers and interns.

Ronja Kankare

Project Coordinator, Board Member


Elias Ayele

Board Member



Member of the Board. Elias has a Master’s degree in international human rights law. He has a passion in refugees’ rights and human rights education for youth in general. He has been a volunteer since 2016 and did a six months work try-out at StepEurope ry.


Member of the board. Elli has a MA in Education and strong background in education enhancement and export to fragile contexts. She has worked in several countries among young people and enjoys empowering youth and providing them opportunities to engage intercultural activities. Elli has been actively involved since 2018.

Elli-Noora Heino

Board Member


Sudhir Karki

IT coordinator



Lisa have studied Cultural Anthropology and Pedagogy. She has been working with children and young people with a different cultural background. In StepEurope ry she deals with local projects and activities, marketing and coordination of the volunteers. Lisa has been actively involved since 2016.

Lisa Biancucci

Work try-out intern


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